Bad Breath Remedies

At our dental office in Asheville, we understand how having bad breath can affect our patients’ lives. We’re commonly asked what causes bad breath in the first place, and more importantly, how to make it go away. In this week’s…

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Dr. Phillips Attends Spear Faculty Summit

Dr. Phillips attended the annual Spear Faculty Summit in Scottsdale, AZ from Sept. 12-15, 2018.  As a visiting faculty member of Spear Education for Advanced Dental Studies, Dr. Phillips updates his professional training at this meeting each year in order…

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Eat Whole Grains for a Healthy Smile

September is recognized as Whole Grains Month and is a 30-day celebration for all things grainy. These whole grains are beneficial for heart health, overall health, and may even boost oral health too. In this blog, our Asheville dental office…

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The Do’s & Don’ts to Getting a White Smile

As we near Labor Day, many people will begin packing away their white clothes until next year. After all, wearing white after Labor Day is typically considered a fashion faux pas. However, at our dental office in Asheville, we believe…

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3 Things That Can Cause Excessive Mouth Watering

Saliva production is a natural and important part of good oral health. We need it to help protect our teeth from cavities, breakdown food so our stomachs can digest them more easily, and fight off bad breath bacteria. But the…

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Dr. Phillips Attends AAFP Board of Directors Meeting

Dr. Douglas B. Phillips, treasurer and member of the Board of directors for the American Academy of Fixed Prosthodontics (AAFP), attended the BOD meeting in Seattle from August 1- August 3, 2018. The AAFP is a nonprofit professional dental organization…

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All About Veneers

At our Asheville dental office we often have patients who are unhappy with the way their smiles look. But thanks to cosmetic dentistry, there are a number of ways that we can help transform the appearance of smiles. One of…

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