A good general dentist is the foundation of good health.

And the highest standards for general dentistry are the foundation of our practice.

Brushing. Flossing. Doing both twice a day aids in overall good health. That also means regular dental checkups. Our philosophy focuses on your entire well-being, with preventative appointments that include:

  • Thorough cleaning and flossing
  • Full-mouth dental and periodontal (gum) exam
  • Oral cancer screening
  • Periodic radiographs (X-rays) to detect decay, bone loss, or tumors
  • Topical fluoride application (when advised)
  • Consultation and recommendations

We’re fans of fluoride.

If you happen to suffer from dry mouth, have orthodontics, or need a little extra help with oral hygiene, you might benefit from fluoride treatments. By considering both in-office applications and your at-home options, we can put the power of fluoride to work fighting your first signs of cavities and help you avoid more costly procedures down the road.

Sore jaw? Aching facial muscles? We have solutions for that.

TMJ, otherwise known as temporomandibular disorder, can sneak up on you when you least expect it—literally, while you sleep. Your jaw and facial muscles work well when they’re aligned; but push them ever-so-slightly off, and pain, headaches, nighttime teeth grinding, and jaw clenching can all result. Let us help you analyze and assess for proper bite function so we can put a little more structure and balance into your jaw—and by consequence, your life.

Your comfort is key to a great appointment.

We understand there aren’t a lot of patients who look forward to even the most routine general dental procedure. If you could use a little extra help easing the stress or anxiety of an appointment, simply tell us. Each of our doctors is trained and has ample experience in the latest sedation dentistry techniques. If you have searched for sedation dentistry near me and have concerns, we will address those. Sedation is perfectly safe, and it helps many of our patients relax and have a better clinic visit.

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