Dental implants replace what’s missing from a great smile.

Our process uses a little artistic talent. And a lot of medical science.

If you have a missing tooth or teeth, you may also find you have other related issues. Embarrassment. A reluctance to smile. Depression and anxiety. Issues with self-confidence. It’s why our practice employs not just general dentists, but dental implant specialists too. Also known as prosthodontists, they are required to meet additional educational requirements and obtain certifications beyond general dentistry—training that makes them experts in creating trusted Asheville NC dental implants.

Here’s what you can expect.

As our doctors carefully, gently lead you from an initial consultation and begin to prepare you for the actual dental implant procedure, we pause to ensure you understand the process and answer any questions you have. We also check in to find out if you might like some sedation or help relaxing.

We are committed to providing dental implant services that meet your unique needs. Whether we’re focusing on a single tooth or several, we take the time and care to match your teeth’s shade and shape, creating a smile so natural and healthy-looking that people might just assume you were born with it. Once the procedure itself is complete, we pride ourselves on our aftercare, again ensuring we’ve addressed your questions and making sure you’re resting comfortably. We’ll follow up with you after you leave our office, schedule important checkups for progress, and make sure there’s always an expert to help guide your care. Soon after, you will be feeling the dental implant benefits.

What are dental implants?

An implant is most easily understood as something doctors use to replace missing teeth. Doctors use a fancy term for that “something,” called a prosthesis. Each dental implant is unique, having been made in a shape and size that fits exactly what you need. And implants help us re-create the strong foundation of your natural teeth. Once they’re in, you really won’t notice much difference in appearance and function as compared with your natural teeth.

What is the advantage of dental implants?

In addition to helping you enjoy all types of food, implants restore your ability to laugh and speak with confidence. Because they’re supported by the jawbone there is no risk of slipping or moving and the embarrassment that can cause, as there is with with removable teeth or dentures.

How long do dental implants last?

Your implants are designed and intended to last your lifetime. While there is potential for complications in the future, the overall success rate of implants is excellent—the highest of any bone-integrated implants, including hip and knee replacements.

Are dental implant procedures painful?

Your comfort is always a priority. During implant placement, you are comfortably sedated. For a day or so afterward, most do fine with over-the-counter pain medications, while some say they have no discomfort. We work with outstanding implant surgical doctors who can use advanced sedation techniques to give you a more comfortable dental experience with dental implant placement.

How much do dental implants cost?

The fee naturally depends upon the number of implants necessary; however, an implant is not always needed for each missing tooth. This can be determined after an examination at our office.

How long should I expect the whole process of dental implant restoration to take?

Some types of implants require only a handful of visits, while others can involve several months or up to a year. For all procedures, we ensure you have temporary replacement teeth and can enjoy your normal routine without worry.

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