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Introducing dentistry

Our Asheville dentist team has a new way of approaching your teeth, your smile, and you.

As we surveyed the general way dentistry is approached, we realized we wanted to do things differently.

And it starts with you, our clients: your unique story, your dental goals, and your smile. The dental team at Phillips & Schmitt Dentistry are expert dentists and prosthodontists, complemented by a knowledgeable and friendly staff. We ensure a different and superior experience at our Asheville dentist office. The latest technology and techniques for general dentistry, dental implants, and dentures will enhance your experience on this journey. And most importantly, you’ll always experience a friendly dental office with experienced dentists who care about you.

It’s the kind of different you’ve been waiting to experience.

Meet our dentists


Asheville Dental Services.

There are a number of cosmetic dental procedures and techniques we are able to offer you that a general dentistry practice alone simply can’t. From dental implants to a range of bridges and dentures, here, you’re able to address each in an environment full of friendly, well-trained professionals, all of whom place the little things—like care, concern, and a good “chair side manner”—first.



    “This was my first visit to Dr. Phillips. He was extremely thorough, talked with me first about my concerns, then did a very thorough exam. He was very prompt, and staff was also very friendly and thorough. I was very pleased.”
    —Jim H., February 2021
    “Over the past 5 years, I've been addressing complicated jaw and bite issues. My treatment started with 3 years of orthodontic care followed by a diagnosis from Doctor Phillips, who has has been patient and understanding in diagnosing my problems and designing corrective treatment. I have also received surgical treatment and implant surgery from Doctor Schmitt, as part of my treatment plan, who is an exceptional surgeon. Both Doctor Phillips and Schmitt are compassionate and skilled doctors. I've received excellent care from the office staff as well. I'm in the home stretch of correcting complicated dental issues, and I am extremely pleased with my treatment and results. I highly recommend this practice for any dental needs you may have.”
    —Toby H., April 2021
    “I have been seeing Dr. Phillips for over 10 years. For me, my dental care has been more important than my primary care. Throughout the years, we have replaced all of my childhood fillings, and I have needed more than one crown. Dr. Phillips and his team are perfectionists; you barely know the amount of work done when looking at my teeth. They look perfect. Thank you Dr. Phillips for taking such good care of me throughout the years.”
    —Lauren B., June 2021
    “Dr. Schmitt and his staff are exemplary in their thorough and thoughtful care. He is attentive to his patient's every need and is remarkably knowledgeable. I have grown to admire him and his staff and look forward to my next visits. I never thought I'd feel that way about any dental practice!”
    —Sylvia H., June 2021
    “I am pleased to share our positive experience with Dr. Schmitt and his staff. My husband had a full mouth tooth extraction by an oral surgeon. We thought our family dentist would make the dentures. However, he believed Ron’s needs would be better served by Dr. Schmitt, a prosthodontist. In addition to mouth issues related to his healing from the tooth extraction, my husband battles dementia. Dr. Schmitt dealt with my husband’s special needs with professional warmth and expertise. He was meticulous in working to get the dentures exactly right. My husband had numerous appointments to tweak the dentures to accomplish what he now has—a pair of dentures which he wears, speaks with, and eats with comfortably all day every day. I recommend Dr. Schmitt and his practice without reservation.”
    —Suzanne D., February 2021
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