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Introducing dentistry

A new way of approaching your teeth, your smile, and you.

As we surveyed the general way dentistry is done these days, we realized we wanted to do things a little differently.

And “different” starts with you: your specific story, your goals, and your smile. The people who will listen to your story are expert dentists and prosthodontists, complemented by a knowledgeable, gentle, and friendly staff. We ensure a different and better experience is guided by your vision—your idea of a great smile. The latest technology and techniques for general dentistry, dental implants, and dentures will enhance your experience on this journey, which you’ll take in a warm, friendly atmosphere.

It’s the kind of different you’re really going to appreciate.

Meet our dentists


Dental Services.

There are a number of cosmetic and dental procedures and techniques that we’re able to offer you that a general dentistry practice alone simply can’t. From dental implants to a range of bridges and dentures, here, you’re able to address each in an environment full of friendly, well-trained professionals, all of whom place the little things—like care, concern, and a good “chair side manner”—first.



    “Great team. Great staff. Great dentists. Friendly and helpful. I love that place. it should be your #1 choice.”
    —Mahmoud M., April 2019
    “I have been a patient in this practice for many years. Dr. Phillips recently restored my front teeth with beautiful porcelain veneers. They are perfect. I could not have asked for more natural restorations. His staff is so professional and caring that I would not hesitate to recommend his office to people of all ages.”
    —Susan L., January 2019
    “I love this dental practice! The dentists, hygienists/dental assistants, and office staff are super friendly. I feel I am receiving the best dental care in a very clean, comfortable environment.”
    —Kathleen P., April 2019
    “After having seventeen major surgeries starting at age four due to birth defects, working with Dr. Schmitt was so refreshing. He is one of the BEST doctors I have ever worked with. A great doctor and fair pricing for the quality of work provided is difficult to come by. Since Dr. Donnie's work, I have been jumping with joy! I continuously show my teeth off, brag about them and clean the daylights out of them. Dr. Donnie is one of the absolute best! ”
    —Debbie F., August 2020
    “This was the most thorough dental exam I have ever had. Everyone was super nice and welcoming. The dentist and hygienist explained everything thoroughly. I have even already received an educational video via email to help explain one of the issues I'm having. Would highly recommend to anyone!”
    —Rachel G., January 2018
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