How Do Dentists Fix Missing Teeth?

If you’re missing teeth due to an accident, tooth decay, gum disease, or other reasons, you’re not alone. In fact, millions of Americans suffer from tooth loss. Prior to technological advancements in dentistry, the only option to replace missing teeth was either a bridge or dentures. However, at our dental office in Asheville, we’d like to educate you about the benefits of one of dentistry’s most significant advancements in restorations – dental implants.

What are Dental Implants?

Unlike bridges or dentures, dental implants replace both the lost tooth and the tooth root. First, a titanium post is placed into the bone of the jaw where your tooth once was. As the bone begins to heal, it actually grows around the post, securely locking it into place. After this occurs, a connector (called an abutment) is added to the post. It’s on this piece that your new tooth is attached. The replacement tooth also called a crown, is custom-made by your Asheville dentist using the size, shape, and color of your other teeth to sculpt a natural-looking tooth perfectly.

Benefits of Dental Implants

Dental implants are one of the most beneficial and healthy tooth replacement options available today. Not only are they durable, permanent fixtures, they also provide several health benefits.

  • Comfort. No worry about food getting stuck under your dentures, no concern of slippage, just pure, natural comfort.
  • Eat what you want. Other tooth replacement solutions limit your ability to eat certain foods, (corn on the cob, anyone?). With implants, you can eat what you want without worry or pain.
  • No soaking necessary. Since implants are permanent fixtures, you don’t need to remove them at night to soak. Simply take care of them as if they were your natural teeth!
  • A healthier mouth. Dental implants don’t require other teeth to support them the way dentures or a bridge do. This means that no other teeth are changed, and more of your natural teeth are left untouched and unaltered. Implants also allow you to floss and brush easily, which is always vital to a healthy mouth.

Can Anyone Get a Dental Implant?

Most of the patients we meet who are missing teeth can benefit from dental implant treatment. If you’re mouth and gums are healthy enough to undergo oral surgery, then you could be a good candidate for a dental implant. Your gums need to be healthy enough to hold the implant post in place. You’ll also need to be committed to a checkup and cleaning every six months.

If you feel that dental implants may be right for you, give our Asheville dental office a call today. We’ll discuss whether implants are the best option for you, talk about a personalized treatment plan, and answer any questions you may have. Don’t hide your smile because of missing teeth. Give us a call today.

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