We’re proud to share our patients’ stories.

Use them to help guide you.

We encourage our current patients to share their stories and journeys back to a great smile. It’s not always easy. But our patients’ pictures and words say all the things we can’t. If you’re a new patient, join our gallery soon and share your reviews. And to all those who have done so and continue to, thanks!


If you have a weak, broken, or damaged area in one of your teeth, we may recommend a crown. It’s a very simple, same-day procedure that generally produces great results. Crowns are often porcelain or ceramic, and your dentist will advise on the best choice for you. In just two short visits, we can have your smile looking as good as these patients!


To restore her smile, Dr. Phillips used all ceramic crowns on upper teeth while also correcting her open bite and TMJ pain without orthodontics.


If you have a tooth that really needs to be replaced, but you’d like to maintain that beautiful, healthy smile, a dental implant procedure is a great solution. We’ll match it to your other teeth in terms of appearance and shape, so that the only people who will know you’ve had it done are you and your prosthodontist. See the stunning results for yourself.


This female had been struggling with congenitally missing teeth all of her life. Dr. Phillips worked with an orthodontist and periodontist to replace missing teeth with implants. He added crowns on implants and adjacent teeth to achieve the patient's desired whiteness.


A veneer is like an ultra-thin, custom-made shell that’s used to enhance the appearance (the color, the size, or the shape) of your teeth. Sometimes called porcelain or dental veneers, they can be made of different materials depending on your need. Your dentist will consult with you and ensure your veneers look as good as these examples.


To improve the shade and shape of teeth for this 20-ish female's smile, porcelain veneers also helped correct the alignment of teeth. A custom shade was selected by the patient to give the desired brightness.
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