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Let’s nurture a patient relationship. Together.

Patient referrals should be easy. And mutually beneficial.

Dr. Schmitt and Dr. Phillips are fortunate that their excellent reputations for academic rigor, the highest professional standards, and sincere passion all precede them. Through referral, they can help you virtually build a bigger team of proven industry professionals, strengthening your practice and enhancing what you can offer your patients.

Grow your client list with a reliable resource for referrals.

A good referral should make your patient relationship stronger—it’s proof of your good judgment and desire to provide the best care possible. Referrals can also build stronger practice-to-practice connections and personal relationships between doctors. By working together, we can assist with issues that may involve a discipline you don’t yet possess. Similarly, we seek practices we can comfortably refer to when we must, thereby growing a network of trusted partners across our region.

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