5 Ways Missing Teeth Can Impact My Smile & My Life?

You might have heard this before from your dentist in Asheville, but it’s definitely true that your smile is always your best accessory. It’s also one of the very first things everyone notices about you, including potential professional and personal connections.

But when you’re missing a tooth or teeth, especially the ones that are visible when you smile, it can make you feel embarrassed or uncomfortable. Let’s take a look at some of the big impacts missing teeth can have on your smile and your life.

#1 – Chewing

When you’re missing a tooth, your remaining natural teeth are left to pick up the slack. Sometimes they end up having to work twice as hard to help you chew foods normally. Depending on where your missing tooth is located, it can be tough to break down food properly, leading digestive issues in your stomach and intestines. It’s essential to have a bite that’s right and functions appropriately to help you stay healthy.

#2 – Smiling

Smiling. It’s a small way to show big emotion to everyone we experience in the world around us – whether they’re friends or family. Whether you’re missing just one tooth or a few teeth, smiling or laughing can become a hiding game that you’re consciously aware of and embarrassed by. (And that’s no fun anywhere, at any age.)

#3 – Advancing

When you want to make a big change in life, whether it be personally or professionally, you’re going to want to make sure your smile is complete, straight, and bright enough to the right. Why? Because it’s all about making a great first impression. This means finding a missing tooth solution at our Asheville dental office that will work for you.

#4 – Living

Your oral and overall health are deeply connected. If you’re missing one or more teeth, it can certainly affect what occurs elsewhere in your body. It’s important to address your issues as early as possible to avoid future adverse effects to your smile and your healthy lifestyle.

#5 – Changing

Whether or not you have one or multiple missing teeth, the moment you decide to do something and fix your smile is going to feel better than you can imagine. We meet patients every day who are in the same situation as you, feeling unsure of how to make their smile whole again. Why wait to decide to talk to your dentist in Asheville about how you can fix your missing teeth. You’re finally in charge and ready to make the change.

It’s always important to address any issues with your smile as soon as possible. If you or someone in your family has questions about missing teeth, please schedule a visit with us. We’re happy to assess your needs and talk with you about possible solutions. Give us a call today!

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