Dentures have come a long way.

Welcome to the modern age of partials and full dentures, Asheville NC.

A great denture is almost imperceptible. Its fit is flawless, and it should feel nearly identical to your very own teeth. A not-so-great denture? Well, those are likely what your grandparents struggled along with. Today’s options are far superior, to say the least. All of your dentures vs implants questions will be answered. Feel easement knowing your search for denture specialists near me has been fulfilled. Whether you’re seeking a partial denture solution or a full, we’re here to guide, consult, and ensure your dentures seem just like the real thing.

It’s an art. It’s a skill. It’s simply what we do.                                       

Dr. Phillips and Dr. Schmitt create custom-designed dentures with a secure fit and a natural look. We combine our doctors’ extensive training and enhanced skills with the nation’s premier dental labs. Great dentures you trust will get you back to living life fully.

My denture seems to need relines more and more often. Was it not made correctly, originally?

The problem likely has less to do with the denture and more to do with your jawbone. When tooth roots are no longer present in the jaw, it can lead to bone shrinkage or, technically speaking, resorption. The pressure of wearing a denture actually accelerates the rate of bone loss—and if you wear yours while you sleep, the constancy of the pressure speeds up the bone loss even more. When your denture was first made, it was designed to conform to the ridge where your teeth once were. If that area declines, you have less of a foundation. Dental implants could be the best treatment to help restore stability and chewing comfort. If you’ve lost too much bone to support implants, bone-rebuilding procedures can also be performed.

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