Why Do Crowns Break?

Everything your Asheville dentist does to help your smile is aimed at protecting and preserving as much of your natural tooth structure as possible. Sometimes, as part of your restorative, preventive, or even cosmetic care, we’ll recommend having a crown (both temporary and permanent) that are custom made for your smile. A crown is highly effective at covering a damaged or cracked tooth to help strengthen and protect it whether it’s due to trauma or lack of proper dental care.

Crowns can fix a tooth or teeth that are discolored, broken, and uneven. They also work in partnership with a dental implant to repair a missing tooth or teeth. Even though they’re effective at helping fix all of these things and making your smile whole again, sometimes crowns can break or fall out. If this has happened to you or to someone in your family, then you know how uncomfortable it can be.

But how did this happen? Let’s take a look at some of the biggest reasons why your crown may fail:

A Cavity or Two

Most crowns, except the ones that accompany a dental implant, are attached to your natural tooth, so there’s still a chance that decay or cavities can occur there. If the underlying tooth starts to break down and change, then the crown might not fit the way it used to and possibly loosen or completely fall out. Sometimes the bad bacteria that are present in our mouths can damage the seal where your tooth and crown meet. If tooth decay or deterioration causes or has caused your crown to come out, please contact your Asheville dental office as soon as possible to get the help you need!

Unexpected Injury

We can all most likely agree that there are so many exciting activities and things to do in and around Asheville. That’s one of the many reasons we choose to call this area home. But sometimes accidents happen, and life literally smacks you in the face or the mouth. This can cause your crown to become broken and possibly uncemented from the tooth structure itself.

Failed Dental Restoration

As dentists, we always rely on the most state-of-the-art technology and advanced treatments to help keep your smile healthy. But sometimes, dental restorations like crowns can stop working as intended. One of the most common reasons why is due to the consistency of the cement that’s used to hold a dental crown in place. Over time, there’s always a possibility that it could wear down, creating a weaker bond with your natural tooth causing it to come loose or to fall out completely.

Grinding Your Teeth

Have you ever heard of something called bruxism? That’s when you grind your teeth, most likely at night, and you don’t even realize you’re doing it. The bad thing is it’s really bad for your teeth and equally damaging to dental restorations such as crowns. There’s an extremely high amount of force that your teeth must endure when you’re grinding your teeth. Over time, this can break teeth down, cause them to chip, create fractures, and also damage your existing dental work. It’s important to talk with your Asheville dentist about ways to manage your grinding habits.

Hard or Sticky Foods

No matter how strong and well made your dental crown may be, sometimes they are no match for sticky foods and candies or hard, damaging foods. One bite and your crown can easily come out. We recommend avoiding many of these types of foods when you have a dental crown to ensure it lasts you a lifetime.

It’s important to give Phillips & Schmitt DDS a call at 828-254-1944 if you or someone in your family loses a crown, as soon as you can. But things don’t always go as planned. If your crown falls out and you can’t see a dentist right away, make sure to keep your crown safe. Wrap it in a piece of gauze and seal it in a plastic container until your office visit. Keep your affected tooth clean and avoid trying to place the crown back in your mouth using dental adhesives or cements. Remember always to call your dentist first. Researching remedies online is fine, but your dentist can assess your situation and fix your issues fast!

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