Why Choose a Metal-Free Crown?


When getting a crown, you have many options. The choices include metal, porcelain fused metal (PFM), complete porcelain, or zirconium. You’ll need to take several factors into account, including the cost, durability, comfort, and aesthetic appearance of the crown when deciding on which type to choose. Below are some reasons why people opt for a metal-free crown. 



If you’ve had a metal crown or even a filling before, you might know how sensitive a restored tooth can be to heat and cold. Metal-free crowns are less conductive to heat and cold. Further, some patients cannot tolerate the metal used in restorations due to allergic reactions. This would cause the gums and sockets to become irritated and even inflated. Metal-free crowns carry no risk of an allergic reaction.


Natural Look 

Metal-free restorations are porcelain so you’re guaranteed to get the most natural-looking option for restored teeth. This is because light passes through porcelain very similarly to a tooth’s natural enamel. Additionally, shade matching is much easier with porcelain. All-porcelain crowns are smooth and translucent, a factor that makes them an excellent choice for front teeth. Your metal-free crowns will look much more natural in your smile. 



Metal-free porcelain crowns are very durable. Zirconium crowns, made of crystal, are the most durable crown available today. Both of these wear well through time and are made to withstand continuous biting forces. They are also more resistant to cracking. These traits make them a great option for teeth that take a lot of force like molars. 


Lastly, metal-free porcelain crowns can be implemented relatively quickly, sometimes even in one visit. This makes them a great option for people who want a quick but reliable procedure. 


For many people who are missing a tooth or have experienced damage to a tooth, metal-free porcelain crowns are a great way to replace or cover the affected tooth. For more information on what type of crown is suitable for you, contact PS Dentistry today.

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