Why Gum Care is So Important

Healthy gums are crucial to maintaining proper dental hygiene. In fact, they are the foundation for an attractive smile and proper hygiene. When oral health is neglected, the gums are susceptible to complications. Unfortunately, only one out of five Americans brush their teeth at least twice a day. With gum diseases like gingivitis and periodontitis disease wreaking havoc on vital tissue, it’s crucial for people of all ages to reconsider their dental hygiene. Read below to find out why gum health is so important. 


Lessens Bad Breath

More formally known as halitosis, bad breath is caused by bacteria that produces foul odors. Excess bacteria can accumulate in dental plaque along the gum line, on the tongue, and in between teeth without proper oral hygiene. Generally speaking, the more bacteria, the worse the odor.


Preserves Bone Mass

Periodontitis is an infection in the gums so severe that it destroys the bone surrounding teeth. As a result, teeth become loose and may fall out. Maintaining the health of your gums starts with practicing good at-home care and regular dental cleanings.


Makes Your Teeth Aesthetically Pleasing

Healthy gums are light pink and have a tight outline around the teeth, making them cosmetically appealing. On the other hand, gums affected by gum disease have a far less appealing appearance. Infected gums might be swollen or even bleed. In addition, gum recession might cause your teeth to appear larger than they are or seem irregularly shaped. By maintaining proper dental hygiene, you can keep your gums healthy and aesthetically pleasing.

In sum, dental health care and maintenance should not be restricted to the teeth alone. The gums are equally as important and require regular care and attention. Contact us today for more information on overall dental and gum health!

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