What to Expect From Veneers

After exploring your cosmetic dentistry options, you’ve decided that you want to get veneers. The benefits of veneers have convinced you that they are exactly what you need to restore your smile. What can you expect from your decision to get veneers? Let’s address that question in great detail throughout this article.

Not Everyone Will Be Approved for Veneers

Before you start clearing out your schedule to get your new veneers, you should first confirm that you are eligible for them. 30% of adults in the 65-74 age range no longer have natural teeth. If you don’t have natural teeth, you cannot get the veneers. Individuals with serious dental conditions will also be advised to treat those issues first before they get veneers applied.

There are Two Types of Veneers: Chair-side and Lab Fabricated

Chair-side Veneers is the process of taking a very slight amount of enamel off of the tooth and then bonding several different shades of composite in layers on top of the tooth. With special tools and lots of polishing, you can get the look of veneers in a shorter amount of time. For longer lasting and esthetically better quality you can have ceramic veneers that are made in a lab by a dental technician. This process takes a few more steps however. Your first appointment we will remove a thin layer of enamel on the front of the tooth and fit you with temporaries that are made of plastic but look very realistic. An impression will be taken to send to the lab for fabricating your veneers. Once the veneers are returned in office we will bond them into place.

Getting Dental Veneers Shouldn’t Be a Painful Experience

A lot of people worry about how painful dental procedures can be. Even if it’s a cosmetic dentistry procedure, you may still be concerned that the process of getting veneers will be too painful for you to bear. You’ll be glad to know that this process presents little in the way of pain. Because we are not removing as much tooth structure as a full coverage crown, not as much anesthetic is required. We have been told time and time again that our injections are quite painless. We also offer nitrous or a sedative pill if you would prefer. Ask us what options would be best for you!

The Benefits of Veneers Are Immediate and Long-Lasting

Once the veneers are installed, they will instantly enhance the appearance of your teeth. They will conceal cracks, discoloration, and any gaps you don’t like. The benefits of those veneers will also last for a long time. You can expect your veneers to last a very long time as long as you protect them with something like a guard that you wear at night, and remember to maintain routine dental checkups.

The benefits of veneers can significantly improve a person’s quality of life. Talk to our dentist if you’re interested in using veneers to restore your smile. Give us a call today if you are ready to get those new veneers!

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