How Common Is Tooth Loss And What Are the Causes?

Tooth loss is extremely common. It’s estimated that nearly 70% of all adults have lost at least one tooth, according to our experts. Now that you know how common it truly is, you may find yourself wondering what causes tooth…

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The History of Dentistry

You may think general dentistry is a modern advancement but think again. While there continue to be amazing advancements in the world of dental care, especially with 3D imaging and Invisalign; general dentistry dates back thousands of years. Read further…

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5 Reasons to Floss Daily

Good dental care is important at any age. When taking care of your teeth, you must do more than just brush them. According to the American Dental Association, you should floss twice daily as well. If you think flossing isn’t…

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What Are Your Options to Solve a Poor Gum Line?

Gingivitis can lead to receding gumlines. According to a recent study by the Cleveland Clinic, the third most common dental insecurity is receding gums. Receding gums do not hold teeth in place, and unfortunately, this can lead to tooth loss.…

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5 Risk Factors That Can Impact Your Oral Health

The older you get, the more important it is to see your dentist twice a year. The cumulative effects of many years of bad habits and potential health complications can catch up with your oral health. In some cases, you…

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