Is Tooth Replacement Common?

  According to the American College of Prosthodontists, nearly one-third of adults between the ages of 65 and 74 have no natural teeth. Fortunately, the technology behind dental care solutions has improved significantly, allowing people to explore a variety of…

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5 Common Causes of Missing Teeth

If you are currently dealing with tooth loss, we bet you have noticed a difference in how you speak, the appearance of your smile, and even complications when it comes to chewing food. In addition, you may have some concerns…

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5 Benefits of a Cosmetic Dentist Visit

While the end goal of visiting the dentist is commonly to improve your smile and oral aesthetics, what if we told you that visiting a cosmetic dentist could offer benefits beyond just improving your smile? Here are five potential benefits…

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Why Gum Care is So Important

Healthy gums are crucial to maintaining proper dental hygiene. In fact, they are the foundation for an attractive smile and proper hygiene. When oral health is neglected, the gums are susceptible to complications. Unfortunately, only one out of five Americans…

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Why Choose a Metal-Free Crown?

  When getting a crown, you have many options. The choices include metal, porcelain fused metal (PFM), complete porcelain, or zirconium. You’ll need to take several factors into account, including the cost, durability, comfort, and aesthetic appearance of the crown…

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What is Dental Bonding and Why Should I Get It?

Dental Bonding: What Is Dental Bonding, How Long Does it Last, and How Will Dental Bonding Improve My Smile?   What Is Dental Bonding? Before we dive into this blog, let’s first ucover what dental bonding is. Dental bonding, also…

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Dentures Vs. Implants: Which Choice is Right for You?

Getting your teeth fixed can seem like an overwhelming endeavor at first, considering how many cosmetic dentistry options are available. While the journey to a perfect smile may take anywhere from a single day or up to a few years…

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