4 Ways Dentists are Improving Oral Health Today


People who maintain good oral health often experience additional benefits, such as improved confidence and even a better quality of life. In this post, we will be sharing 4 practices that contribute to good oral health. 


Dental Implants and Bridges


Dental implants are a viable solution for people who have experienced tooth loss. Not only does it fill in gaps between teeth, but the implants resemble real teeth, so you’re sure to have a genuine looking smile. 


On the other hand, a dental bridge is ideal for people with minimal tooth loss or who don’t have enough bone density and thickness to support implants. Much like implants, dental bridges elicit the same look of an authentic tooth. For aesthetics, front gap bridges are ceramic, while back bridges are made of fracture-resistant material such as metal.


Other Dental Fixtures


Brace types such as metal, ceramic, and Invisalign are popular ways to correct smiles by straightening crooked teeth. While the severity of the smile determines the type of braces that are implemented, it equally boils down to preference. Invisalign, for example, is less conspicuous and gives one freedom to eat regular foods without the risk of staining, since they are easily detachable and replaceable.


Another type of dental fixture is a composite filling. Composite fillings help seal cavities that may rot if left unattended, which leads to tooth loss. Additionally, cavities are bound to be painful and extremely sensitive when they go untreated. One of the benefits of getting a filling is that it is a non-invasive procedure that can be performed in one sitting.


Dental Medicine


Experts at oral medicine clinics can prescribe medicine to help manage various oral infections. They often deal with pain and infection management and antibiotic prophylaxis. The latter is a proactive measure to prevent severe infection during dental procedures. 


Poor oral health leads to infections that, if untreated with antibiotics, can be life-threatening. While general anesthesia is for patients that are undergoing dental surgeries, there is also medicine designed to treat conditions such as diabetes that sometimes manifest orally.


Oral Health Awareness


Oral health education is part of the many young children’s school curriculum. It is designed and implemented to promote oral health awareness. Children learn that to avoid tooth loss, regular dental checkups and good oral health hygiene is essential. Proper habits for the latter include flossing and brushing teeth at least twice a day. World Oral Health Day, celebrated globally on March 20th of every year, is an initiative of the World Health Organization. Each year, organizers develop a theme and create strategies to raise awareness about good oral health practices. These strategies are showcased by conferences and workshops that oral health experts lead.


If you want to improve your smile and/or overall dental hygiene, please give us a call today. We will help you schedule an appointment with one of our dental experts.

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