Why It’s Not Okay to Skip Flossing Despite What You Think

It’s an understated fact that oral hygiene is an important component of overall health. And, within the umbrella of dental care, flossing is a critical piece that is ignored by many. In fact, according to the New York Post, one in every five people flosses less than once per month. This article will explain why it’s not okay to skip flossing.

Beyond the Surface

Many people don’t brush their teeth well or long enough to begin with, but even thorough brushing can’t keep the gums healthy alone. Food particles and plaque accumulate in the tight spaces in the gums and between teeth and ultimately cause damage to the teeth and gums. These areas can only be reached by proper flossing. Without it, there’s only so much you can do. When you don’t floss regularly, plaque has time to develop into cavities and disease.

Misconceptions About Flossing

There are a few common misconceptions when it comes to flossing. One is that the purpose of flossing is solely to remove stuck food from between teeth. While this is a purpose of flossing, a more important function is that of plaque removal, which is much less visible and tangible than eliminating last night’s chicken. Another false belief is that flossing will inevitably cause damage to the gums. In reality, flossing, when done properly, is conducive to healthy gum development. The key is to floss regularly and gently. A final misconception is that flossing is only needed where there are visible gaps between the teeth. This is false, as plaque can accumulate in the smallest of spaces.

Making Flossing a Habit

Now that the dangers of not flossing and some of the misconceptions have been spelled out, it’s time to explain how to make flossing a regular habit. There are a few ways to ensure success. The first is to establish a routine. If your mornings or nights always look the same, and flossing is part of the plan, you will be sure to keep up the habit. Another important step is to find the type of floss or helper that works best for you. Floss picks, water picks, soft picks, Tepe brushes, Super floss, etc all make flossing easier than ever before. Finally, keeping your floss visible on your bathroom counter will give you a frequent reminder to use it.

Again, flossing is a critical part of your overall health despite misconceptions about its importance. Remember the tips shared to incorporate them into your daily routine, and you are sure to experience improved oral health and dental care. Get in touch with us at Phillips & Schmitt DDS, PA for more information.

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