What Treatment Options Are There for Gaps Between Your Teeth?

When it comes to insecurities, people think about their teeth a lot, and for good reason. They’re one of the first things that people see when they meet someone for the first time. According to Forbes, the fourth most common dental insecurity amongst Americans is about the space between their teeth. If you’re looking to close your own tooth gap, whether for aesthetics or because you’re concerned about your dental health, there are a few ways you can do just that with cosmetic dentistry.

Dental Bonding

This is a simple form of cosmetic dentistry where the dentist places tooth-colored resin on the side of each tooth to cover the gap between your teeth. They then shape the resin to conform it to your teeth to make everything look and feel natural. With time, the bonding will most likely need to be replaced as the resin can stain based on diet. If the tooth has been worked on several times you may want to look into a more long-term option such as veneers or crowns.


Veneers are tooth-colored pieces of porcelain made in a lab, that are bonded in place on top of a minimally prepped tooth. They can be used to cover chips, small cracks, and bridge gaps. We will gently remove a bit of enamel from the front of your tooth and then bond the veneer.
Once done, we will most likely recommend a guard if you are not already wearing one to prevent the veneer from chipping or popping off. Keep in mind that not everyone is eligible for veneers, but we can work with you on what your best options are. Sometimes orthodontics is a great way to reposition teeth to get them in the ideal position prior to crowns or veneers.

Dental Implant

If the gap between your teeth is actually because of a missing tooth, then a dental implant may be the best course of action. A dental implant is a type of cap that serves as an artificial replacement tooth. With an implant, you can eat food and brush your teeth like usual without worrying about the tooth coming loose.

The procedure involves the placement of a titanium post under local anesthesia into the bone. Several months later once we have established that the implant has integrated with the bone we can begin the process of fabricating the top portion of the implant, the crown. Once finished, your implant resembles a real and functioning tooth that you are able to eat on and smile with confidence.

Are you interested in cosmetic dentistry to close your tooth gap, but you’re not sure which option is right for you? If you need an Asheville Dentist, don’t hesitate to reach out to Phillips & Schmitt today to schedule a consultation.

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