What Can My Dental X-Rays Detect?

When you visit a local dentist, it’s important to get X-rays that support your overall oral health. X-rays provide many benefits, some of which you might not anticipate! If you haven’t received a dental X-ray lately (and you’re not alone), here are a few reasons why you should!

Peace of Mind

According to the New York Post, 70% of all people in the United States feel little confidence about their teeth and oral health. If you’re among this percentage, dental X-rays can help detect potential problems, so you can talk to your local dentist about your treatment options.

Hard-to-Spot Cavities

Some cavities may be easy to spot in the bathroom mirror, but you might have decay between your teeth in hard-to-see areas. These zones can be tricky to spot without the help of X-rays.

Deeper Decay

Have you ever visited a local dentist and been told you have tooth decay you didn’t notice on your own? This is because tracking decay can be difficult without X-rays. Thankfully, a skilled team of dentists can perform an X-ray during your appointment to determine what treatment options may work best for you.

Bone Loss

Over time, it’s possible to lose bone density in your jaw, especially after losing teeth. X-rays can help track this bone loss, so you and your dentist can stay on top of your treatment and determine if it’s working. Massaging the jaw bone and simulating chewing in the area where a tooth is missing can help prevent that loss of bone.

Wisdom Teeth and Tooth Eruptions

X-rays can help to track tooth eruptions like your wisdom teeth or any extra teeth you may have had since you were a child. Detailed scans of your mouth and your teeth position can reveal a lot about when to expect eruptions. It can also help avoid impact damage between crooked teeth.

Identify Infections and Tumors

More serious oral health issues often spread when you don’t get X-rays regularly, such as infections and even oral cancer. X-rays from a local dentist can spot these problems quickly for safe and effective treatment.

If you’re looking for a local dentist in your area for your next dentist appointment, look no further than our professional team at Phillips & Schmitt. We offer a range of dental services, including X-rays, to ensure your teeth are happy and healthy. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!

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