What Can I Expect When Getting a Crown?

General dentistry provides several services for oral maintenance, including removing decay and replacing it with either a filling or a crown. Your local dentist may provide the restorative care of a crown. There are several important steps involved with this procedure. Let’s explore what you can expect when you get a crown. We’re here to explain what you can expect when you get a crown. Read on to learn more!

Decay Removal

The American Dental Association recommends brushing and flushing twice daily, but only one in five Americans admit to meeting that recommendation, according to the New York Post. With a lack of oral hygiene and an abundance of sugary snacks, people may develop a cavity that dentists treat with a filling. If there is extensive decay requiring the removal of a large amount of tooth surface, it may be best to restore the tooth with a full coverage crown that surrounds the “top” of the tooth- what you can see above the gums.

Tooth Impression

After removing any decay or cracks from the tooth, a digital impression is taken that is sent to a dental laboratory. It takes about 3-4 weeks before the crown is returned but in the meantime, you will leave the first appointment with a temporary crown that looks just like a natural tooth.

Second Appointment

When you return after a few weeks for your permanent crown, we will gently wiggle the temporary off and try in the permanent crown.

At this time, your dentist will use a dental adhesive to fix the permanent crown on your tooth.
After cementing the crown in place, we spend extra time on your occlusion ensuring that the new crown is not in any kind of hindrance to your bite. Once we are finished, you can go about your regular routine and can eat on it in as little as 10 minutes.

There is a lot to gain from utilizing these types of services. The team at Phillips & Schmitt keeps your teeth clean by getting rid of plaque, handling decay, and helping you with crown restoration. If your teeth have been severely cracked, chipped, or have massive decay, a crown can come in handy to help restore its appearance and functionality. To schedule an appointment and learn more about our services, contact the experts at Phillips & Schmitt Dentistry today.

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