Knowing When the Best Time Is to Get a Smile Makeover

Your smile is one of the first things people notice about you. Therefore, if you’re self-conscious about it, you may not smile as much as you should. Luckily, some dental professionals can help you improve your smile in a few steps. Here is how to know the best time to get smile makeovers.

Eating Concerns

Is it hard for you to eat properly? If you’re dealing with tooth loss, loose teeth, or other dental health issues, it may be hard for you to chew and grind properly. With smile makeovers, your teeth can get the treatment they need, and it may include crowns or implants. When you have these types of replacements, you’ll be able to chew crunchy vegetables and fruit again, which can improve your nutrition. Then, you’ll be able to enjoy meals with ease.


If you’ve had poor oral hygiene, have underlying health issues, or you smoke, you may be dealing with tooth discoloration. When your teeth are yellow or have brown stains, a smile makeover may be just what you need. Your local dentist can give you a thorough dental cleaning and recommend other procedures that give you a shiny white smile again.

Confidence Issues

Have your smile issues affected your confidence level? Are you afraid to date or apply for certain jobs? It’s no surprise if you feel insecure about smiling or socializing because of discolored or misaligned teeth. According to the New York Post, over 60% of Americans want to improve the appearance of their teeth, so you’re not alone in this feeling. If this lack of confidence has reduced your quality of life and stopped you from socializing, it’s time to see your local dentist.

Dental Health Decline

Maintaining your oral health is as important as good physical health. If you feel you’re experiencing dental health decline due to issues with teeth and gums, your dentist can provide recommendations to improve your dental cleaning procedures at home, such as better toothbrushes and techniques. They can also start various procedures, such as deep cleaning, fillings, and other procedures, to help straighten up your oral health and function.

Professional smile makeovers can improve your quality of life, confidence, nutrition, and socialization. Our team provides a range of makeover services, such as implants, cleaning, general dentistry, sedation dentistry, and more. Contact us today at Phillips & Schmitt Dentistry to set up a smile consultation.

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