Is Smile Restoration Possible With Veneers?

If you’re unhappy with the appearance of your smile, you may have heard that veneers can help transform it. According to a recent study, 61% of Americans wish they could improve the appearance of their teeth. Traditionally, veneers are used for minor cosmetic fixes, but some dentists use them to restore the overall appearance of your smile. It sounds promising, but is it truly possible to cosmetically restore your teeth with veneers? Here, we’ll dive in to learn more.

The Potential Benefits

On the surface, veneers seem to offer an ideal smile makeover solution. They can cover various aesthetic issues at one time like stains, chips, gaps, crookedness, and more. The conservative preparation is a major draw compared to other options. Minimal shaving means preserving more of the natural tooth, and the porcelain or composite materials closely mimic a beautiful, natural smile.

Unlike dental implants, veneers don’t require surgery and healing time. In the right candidate’s mouth and with proper care, they may last upwards of 10 years before needing replacement. For some people, veneers strike the perfect balance of aesthetics, affordability, and convenience. It’s this combination of benefits that makes them enticing for smile overhauls.

What to Keep in Mind

While veneers offer advantages, it’s also crucial to consider their limitations for treatments. Smiles restored with multiple veneers may not achieve the longevity or strength of other options like crowns or implants. The bonding process permanently reshapes the underlying teeth, and some risks come with extensive reduction and the placement of numerous veneers. For example, veneers are not recommended for those who have weak enamel. Additionally, veneers cannot fix bite issues or replace structurally compromised teeth and, for some patients, veneers may not adequately meet their oral health and aesthetic needs for smile restoration.

Keys to Success

Careful evaluation, planning, and technique help ensure successful outcomes for veneer patients. An experienced cosmetic dentist should assess each case individually. Drs. Phillips & Schmitt can determine if veneers are, in fact, the best option or if an alternative might work better. Treatment plans should be crafted to minimize reduction and allow for proper veneer contours.

With thoughtful consideration by both dentist and patient, it may be possible to achieve a beautiful restoration with veneers. For more information about veneers or to schedule a consultation with us, be sure to reach out to the Asheville Dentistry team at Phillips & Schmitt: today. We’re available to answer any questions you may have!

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