Implant Technology Improvements for 2023

Implantology is on the rise because of the use of implants in dental practices. According to the CDC, about 178 million Americans have at least one missing tooth, while 40 million Americans are missing all their teeth. Implants are changing the face of tooth restoration. Improving implantology has taken on new steam. Here are some advances to expect in 2023.

Fifty years ago, the thought of implanting a prosthetic tooth was not even on the horizon. Today, implants are quickly becoming the standard of care to manage missing teeth. One of the biggest advances in implantology has been the chairside scanners that allow the dentist to make as accurate a placement as possible. Scanners have eliminated the need for messy impressions. They are more accurate than impressions and make the patient’s experience much more comfortable.

Implants will become the standard procedure and best practice to replace missing teeth for every patient. The success rate is already 95% for implant procedures, but with the new tech, it may get to a 100% success rate.

The future is bright for implantology. There is a lot of research and development happening in this field. Both dental activities and laboratories that are on the cutting edge of technologies will be able to provide better than ever services to their patients. It is exciting to see what changes 2023 will bring.

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