How Does Tooth Replacement Work?

Tooth replacement options have changed dramatically over the last decade. Today, dental implants are a standard form of tooth replacement. In the United States, approximately 120 million people are missing a tooth, while about 36 million have no teeth at all, according to the American Dental Association. Implants can help restore one tooth or all your teeth. Here is what you need to know about modern tooth replacement.

You Have Options

Today, several different options can replace a missing tooth. Implants are the most popular solution for tooth replacement because they deliver the most natural-looking and feeling results. Other options for tooth restoration include dentures, bridges, and crowns. Each option will restore your smile but does it a little differently.

Implants have changed tooth replacement options. Even full upper and lower dentures are implant-secured today.

How Do Implants Work?

Implants are a great option for two significant reasons. They restore your missing tooth/teeth and help reduce bone loss. Implants are permanent. The implant is set into the bone, which takes up the missing tooth’s space. Eventually, the bone will grow around the implant as it would around the root of your natural tooth.

A crown is fitted on the implant that matches your natural teeth. This method of tooth replacement gives you a natural feeling that is hard to get with other methods.

How Do Implant Retained Dentures Work?

Partial or full dentures are designed to replace many teeth at once. Today, implant-retained dentures are very popular. There are two types of implant-retained dentures. The denture can either snap onto the implants and be taken out whenever you’d like, or the alternative where the denture is screwed onto the implants and taken off by dental professionals on an annual basis.

Implant-retained dentures are more comfortable to wear and far more secure than traditional dentures. They can be a great solution for restoring your smile and improving your confidence.

You don’t have to go through life with missing teeth. Your teeth are important to your overall health. A great smile is one of many roles your teeth play. They are the first step in your digestive system. There are many great solutions available that we can provide. Learn more about your tooth replacement options by making an appointment with us today.

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