How Do You Replace a Single Missing Tooth?

Nearly 40 million people in the U.S. do not have any teeth and 178 million are missing a single tooth per epidemiological studies. A missing tooth can make you want to hide your beautiful smile. No matter how your tooth was lost, it can cause you to lose self-confidence, loss of chewing function, and suffer from other types of oral health problems. If you need to have a single tooth replaced, what are your options?

Schedule a Visit With a Cosmetic Dental Specialist

There are many reasons to schedule a visit with a cosmetic dentist when you have a tooth missing. After an initial assessment, we can introduce you to the best cosmetic dental options to personalize your situation. The goal is to give you back the ability to chew, speak clearly, and protect the integrity of surrounding teeth.  Below are different options you may be offered to replace a missing tooth.

Partial Dentures Are a Simple Option

Partial dentures are removable and a simple option similar to dentures. The biggest difference is that removable dentures are only for a few missing teeth or for a single missing tooth. They are clasped and held securely in place so you can smile wide knowing no one can tell you have a missing tooth.

Dental Implants Are a Great Permanent Solution

Would you prefer a permanent solution for your missing tooth? We can provide you with all of the information to decide if a dental implant is best for you.  Implants act more like natural teeth and are a popular choice for many reasons.

An implant feels 100% comfortable when smiling, chewing, and brushing your teeth. Check out our blog specific to dental implants for additional information.

Another Popular Choice is a Bridge

If you have a missing tooth and are not interested in implants, a bridge may be a good option for you. We prepare the adjacent teeth for crowns and we make a “3-unit bridge”. The downside to this option is that you potentially take tooth structure away from the adjacent supporting teeth that may be perfectly healthy. You also need to make sure and keep those adjacent supporting teeth very clean to prevent decay on these essential teeth and risk needing to replace the bridge.

No matter how you lost your tooth, there are many options to consider when replacing it. We will help you understand each procedure so you can decide which is best for you. Schedule a consultation with our dedicated and highly trained dental team.  We are ready to help you get your confident smile back.

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