Get Your Confidence Back With Porcelain Veneers

Are you feeling self-conscious about your smile? You aren’t alone. A survey by the American Dental Association indicates that 35% of adults are embarrassed about the shape of their oral health. 33% will avoid smiling due to existing tooth problems. This comes on the background that 82% of adults across all age groups believe that straight, bright teeth can help one get ahead in life.

Some people are born with congenital conditions that affect their appearance, but for most adults who are looking to get their smile back, the issue is caused by years of grinding or gum disease. New technology has made it possible for many people in Asheville, NC to receive treatment for these problems in a fraction of the time that was needed only a few decades ago. Porcelain dental veneers come to mind.

What Are Porcelain Veneers?

Luckily, you don’t have to feel ashamed about your smile anymore. Cosmetic dentistry services such as porcelain veneers can help change the look of your teeth. Porcelain veneers are wafer-thin shells that cosmetic dentists use to cover your teeth. These laminates are bonded to the front of the teeth, resulting in a brighter and more natural-looking smile.

How Do Porcelain Veneers Work?

Dental veneers are custom-made, matching the color, shape, and size of your natural teeth. The procedure begins with a consultation in our office followed by a thorough exam to verify that you are an ideal candidate for veneers.

At your first appointment, Dr. Phillips or Dr. Schmitt removes a thin layer from your enamel. This creates enough room for the veneers to slide over teeth for a more natural look.

We then take digital impressions of our teeth that will be sent to a lab to generate your porcelain veneers.  While your custom veneers are being fabricated you will leave with a set of temporaries that closely resemble your teeth.

When your veneers are ready to be cemented we will bond them into place ensuring a long-lasting adhesion. It is very important we check how you bite and chew with the new dental restorations in place to prevent future breaking.

What Types of Problems Can You Fix with Porcelain Veneers in Our Office?

Dental veneers can fix a wide range of cosmetic dental issues, including:

  • Discolored or stained teeth, providing you with a more uniform look
  • Cover worn-out, broken, or chipped teeth
  • Reshape or lengthen uneven or irregular teeth to even out your bite

Veneers can provide a perfect smile in terms of whiteness, shape, and symmetry.

Do Dental Veneers Require a Special Oral Hygiene Routine?

Porcelain veneers should not require any changes to your oral hygiene routine. You should maintain your brushing and flossing habits, as well as regular visits to the dental office. Veneers are stain-resistant and can provide you with a bright smile for years to come.

On occasion, the porcelain can crack or break when excessive force is placed on them such as biting on hard things like ice cubes or pens, or if you grind your teeth at night. Because of this we often recommend sleeping in a guard to prevent and excessive force from being applied to the veneers.

Being unable to smile confidently can have a negative impact on your social life as well as self-esteem. Luckily, porcelain veneers are here to provide you with long-lasting relief. Drs. Phillips and Schmitt will ensure that the result of your treatment is nothing less than perfect so you can enjoy your attractive and bright smile.  If you are looking to boost your confidence with a brand new smile reach out to Phillip & Schmitt, DDS, PA. We can help get your confidence back with porcelain veneers.

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