Common Myths About Dental Implants

Dental implants can be an incredibly life-changing dental procedure. Unfortunately, many myths have spread about dental implants over the years that can deter patients from considering them for their dental care needs. This article will debunk the most commonly heard myths about dental implants to help you make an informed decision that best fits your needs.

Myth #1: Dental Implants Are Painful

Dental implants are not painful. While the actual placement of a dental implant can be uncomfortable, this is usually due to tenderness and swelling from the procedure itself and goes away within days after implant placement. During the placement procedure we offer Nitrous, Oral Conscious Sedation, and IV Sedation to help make our patients as comfortable as possible.  In most cases, patients actually report feeling very little pain throughout the entire process!

Myth #2: Implants Are Expensive

Not all dental implants cost thousands or even hundreds of dollars. They vary depending on what is best for you, as well as other factors such as whether you need one tooth replaced or an entire smile makeover. We also offer payment plans provided by Care Credit

Myth #3: Dental Implants Only Replaces Missing Teeth

Dental implants do replace missing teeth but also helps prevent additional bone loss by providing a strong, permanent foundation for replacement of individual teeth, bridges, and dentures. In doing this, they not only help restore your smile but also help you chew and speak better with the help of a strong foundation for your dental work.

Myth #4: Dental Implants Are Not Natural Looking or Feeling

Dental implants can be placed right next to natural teeth without altering the color, shape, thickness, or texture of existing teeth. The difference between an implant and a natural tooth is the absence of a nerve canal meaning the implant will never be hot or cold sensitive but the implant crown itself will blend seamlessly to the surrounding teeth and gums.

Myth #5: Dental Implants Can Only Be Placed on a Single Arch, Not Both

Dental implants are not just limited to a single arch they can actually be placed anywhere in your mouth. We will help you decide which area of your smile is best suited for dental implant placement, whether it’s replacing a single tooth, multiple teeth, or an entire arch of missing teeth.

Myth #6: Dental Implant Treatment Is Difficult & Involves Many Steps

Dental implant treatment is actually relatively simple and straightforward. The process begins with a quick 3D image to plan the implant placement. Next would be the actual implant placement (and bone graft if needed). We allow at least 3 months of healing to ensure implant stability. After healing is completed the implant is ready for a crown to restore function and aesthetics.

Myth #7: Implants Are Only for People Who Have Lost All Their Teeth

Not true! Even if you have some natural teeth remaining in your mouth or just need a few replaced after years without them due to injury, aging, etc., dental implants may be an option for you. They can even help save what remains of your original teeth from damage and decay by preventing shifting problems that occur when bridges are used instead.

Dental Implants Near Me

There are many myths about dental implants out there, but the truth is that they can be an effective method of tooth replacement for people who need to replace one or more teeth. Implants are increasingly replacing bridges as the go-to for tooth replacement.  We will work with you in considering all available treatment options before making a decision, you may find that dental implants could provide the long-lasting smile makeover you’ve always wanted!

If you need dental implants or cosmetic dentistry services in Asheville, NC, Drs. Phillips and Schmitt can help. We would be happy to schedule a consultation for you, so please contact us today.

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