5 Risk Factors That Can Impact Your Oral Health

The older you get, the more important it is to see your dentist twice a year. The cumulative effects of many years of bad habits and potential health complications can catch up with your oral health. In some cases, you may need to see your dentist more often. For example, according to Colgate, people who smoke or are afflicted with diabetes should see their dentist more than twice a year. Let’s take a closer look at five risk factors that could affect your oral health.

1. Tooth Decay

Tooth decay is an ever-present threat to your oral health. If you’ve had fillings, crowns, or other dental work done in the past, know they don’t last forever. A dentist eventually will have to replace them with new fillings, crowns, or maybe dental implants to fight tooth decay.

2. Gum Disease

If you notice your gums bleeding when you brush your teeth, it could be a sign of gum disease. So is bad breath, which typically accompanies gum disease as it worsens over time. Your dentist can help to treat the gum disease to prevent significant complications, such as losing one or more teeth as the gums deteriorate. Good oral hygiene and some prescription-strength mouthwash also can help to stop gum disease from getting worse.

3. Loss of Teeth

Decades of eating a poor diet, smoking, and too much sugar intake all take a toll on your teeth and gums. Eventually, your teeth might start to loosen and fall out. The loss of tooth structure might cause your dentist to determine that crowns, veneers or implants are needed in order to keep the rest of your teeth healthy and allow for proper chewing capabilities.

4. Dental Trauma

You might have a perfect set of teeth but suffer some misfortune that seriously damages one or more of them, such as a sports or auto accident that may break or knock out some of your teeth.

5. Mouth and Lip Cancers

Smoking, chewing tobacco, and drinking alcohol are a few of the many potential causes of oral cancer. Oral cancer might affect your lips, gums, or tongue as well as other parts of your mouth. Frequent visits to your dentist can help to identify any early indicators and help you to prevent more advanced types of oral cancer. At Phillips & Schmitt at your initial exam appointment and then every cleaning appointment an oral cancer screening exam is performed so we can catch anything early that may look suspicious.

If you’re looking for a trusted dentist, contact Phillips & Schmitt today. We can help get your oral health back on track!

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