4 Ways Tooth Reshaping Can Improve Your Smile


According to the New York Post, seven out of ten individuals in America are self-conscious about their teeth when smiling or speaking. If you relate to this statement, you’re likely doing all you can to improve your oral health. While brushing your teeth 2-3 times a day and flossing at least once a day is crucial to obtaining proper oral health, our dental team can help improve your smile by tooth reshaping and straightening. In this post, we discuss four ways tooth reshaping can improve your smile and help you regain confidence. 


1. Trim Excess Gum Tissue


When you smile, you may notice your gums are predominant. If this resonates with you and you find it undesirable, you may be a candidate for tooth reshaping. In this procedure, Dr. Phillips and Dr. Schmitt carefully removes excess gum tissues to achieve a balance between your gum line and teeth, giving a symmetrical smile. You’ll be more than pleased with the results and your new smile. 


2. Correct Uneven Teeth


Another circumstance in which you should consider dental reshaping is if your teeth appear crooked or uneven. Most of the time, this happens when your gum line is uneven, and the best way to correct it is through dental reshaping. The procedure will carefully and precisely reshape the gum around the crooked or uneven teeth, thus giving them a perfect look.


3. Make Teeth Visually Bigger


If your gum covers a significant percentage of your teeth, they may appear short or small and can interfere with your smile. Fortunately, our dentists and orthodontists can help you achieve the smile you’ve always wanted. They will work on trimming your gum line which will remove excess gum tissue and showcase your beautiful teeth. After this procedure, you’ll be smiling with confidence! 


4. Adjust Misshapen Teeth


The final point we’ll cover is in regards to misshapen teeth. While misshapen teeth are not aesthetically pleasing, they are also prone to further dental complications. This is because they wear out faster than other teeth, especially if they rub against other teeth. Our dental team will provide a permanent solution when it comes to tooth reshaping and straightening. Soon enough, you will be proud of your new smile.


Reshaping your teeth does more than just improve your smile. Contact us today if you are uncomfortable with the appearance of your teeth and would like to get a permanent solution. We will work to better your smile and your overall health.

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