3 Benefits of Getting Dental Implants


Although complete tooth loss has decreased 75% within the past 50 years in adults 65 to 75 years old, it’s still a problem for some. While you may not experience complete tooth loss, you may lose individual teeth as you age. This is most often due to decay or disease. Other times, tooth loss is due to sudden trauma, such as an unexpected fall. 

Thankfully, dental implants work seamlessly to replace a missing tooth or series of teeth. As you consider dental implants, let’s first discuss some additional benefits. 


1. They Look Natural

One of the biggest concerns people have about dental implants is that they won’t look natural. The purpose of investing in implants is that you won’t have noticeable gaps anymore. But, if your implants don’t look natural, people may notice something different about your smile. Fortunately, one of the major dental implants benefits is that they look virtually identical to natural teeth. Your dentist can help you design teeth that are custom made to fit your smile, not just in terms of color but in terms of shape and size as well.


2. They Reinforce Your Bite

There are other options for filling your smile that are only meant to be aesthetic. For example, if you have a decayed tooth, it could be overlaid with a veneer. However, that veneer will not compensate for the weakness of the tooth. One of the main benefits of dental implants is that they act as natural teeth would, reinforcing your bite because they’re anchored in place.


3. They Don’t Impede Your Speech

One of the reasons why people choose dental implants as opposed to dentures is that they don’t experience speech impediments with implants. Other forms of substitution (as well as the loss of the teeth themselves) can slur your speech. Since dental implants act much like natural teeth would, you are able to speak normally.


Getting dental implants can be intimidating, but ultimately, they can benefit your smile as much as natural teeth would. To get a comprehensive assessment, we invite you to reach out to PS Dentistry and schedule an appointment today. We look forward to hearing from you!

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