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Dr. Phillips Attends Treating Worn Dentition Seminar with His Spear Study Group in Orlando, Florida

Posted on Apr 21, 2014, by Meg Allen

From April 10th-12th, Dr. Phillips traveled with his study group to Orlando, Florida to attend a Spear Education seminar on worn dentition. Worn dentition occurs when someone has worn and broken teeth that interfere with their ability to smile and chew. If left untreated, someone will continue to have difficultly smiling and chewing and could potentially face teeth loss, complex restorative work and/ or significant surgery. Similar to using a pencil eraser, untreated worn dentition will persist to wear down teeth with use until there is nothing left. The overall goal of the Spear seminar was to increase the attending dentists’ awareness and diagnostic vision in regards to worn dentition. This increase in vision and awareness will insure more foreseeable care for patients dealing with worn dentition. By continuing his education on worn dentition, Dr. Phillips is refining the treatment he is able to provide his patients.

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